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Texas born and raised with roots stemming from Barrancos, Mexico Salgado is the most prominent example of the Latin talent. He has managed to appear in eminent places such as music charts, top sales, and popular nominations but most importantly in the heart of the public. His exceptional ability to play the accordion left-handed and vice versa, gave him the well-earned nickname “El Zurdo De Oro’’. Michael’s uncanny ability to powerfully attract the attention of his fans during live performances led to the rise of his career, taking him further that he ever imagined.

       Salgado’s first album went on the market in 1989; However it was until several years after that he achieved great success highlighting the “before and after” effect in his career thanks to the song "Cruz De Madera”.  In 1995 Michael earned his first of countless awards, the total success of Cruz De Madera landed him the award for best song of the year. Salgado went on to release other hits such as: “Recordando A Los Relámpagos", "Sin Ella", "Palomita Blanca", "La Media Vuelta", "Golondrinas A Cornelio", "Mi Chatita", "Volare, Volare", "Otra Vez A La Cantina" and the #1 




Tejano Hit of 2001: "Ya No Voy a Aguantar " Winning him "Best Song of the Year" by the prestigious Tejano Music Awards. MICHAEL SALGADO has been recognized with four awards from the "Tejano Music Awards", among them "Best Song Of The Year" for "Ya No Voy a Aguantar " and the Billboard Latin Music Award "Best Album Regional Mexican".  Behind the development of each album contributed hard work, dedication and effort, I’ve always liked music with the accordion because it was part of my roots and the music that I grew up with,” stated Salgado, he would go on to win a Grammy for Mejor Album Norteno, “En Vivo” in 2007.

 Since then he has released his first album under his own Independent record label ZURDO RECORDS titled "No vengo a ver si puedo... Si Por Que Puedo Vengo", from this Cd three singles promoted on the radio: 'Mi San Antonio”, “Con Un Trago de Tequila ' and on its rise to the Country Market with "Honky Tonks and Cantinas" managing to stand out in this genre. Salgado was also featured in the film “This is my Country, Twin Fiddles and Accordion,” in this film Salgado is one of the featured artist who takes you down his journey in pursuing country music. Michael performed "Honky Tonks and Cantinas" @ the World Premiere in San Antonio TX on November 8, 2012. The impact of this album landed him a nomination for "Best Banda Norteño at the 2012 Grammy Awards. 

 In 2012 Salgado released an album entitled "Homenaje a mis Ídolos,” dedicated to Ramón Ayala and Cornelio Reyna. " Homenaje a mis Ídolos" contains 15 songs and was produced by Salgado, this CD extracted singles like "Popurri Rancheras", “Rinconcito en el Cielo, “Lo Lindo De Ti”, “Chaparra De Mi Amor” y “Corazón Malo” which are climbing to high positions on airplay and sales charts." On April 18, 2012 Salgado released his second Country song entitled "A Far Cry from Gone" available only for digital downloads in the most well-known places (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.) 

 In November 2012 “Urban Cowboy,” one of Salgado’s all time favorite films inspired “Buscando Amor” the third Album released by Zurdo Records. The first single “Buscando Amor” was a Spanish re-creation of the 1980’s song "Looking for Love" by Johnny Lee. His second single reached the top of the charts titled "Ya no te puedo 



Amar" the response from the fans was so powerful that he decided to record a banda version, inviting Diana Reyes to be featured. Late 2013 the third single titled "Que Piensas Hacer" was released, 

making this one of the most influential songs on the radio. This Album landed Salgado the Top Nomination for Album of the year Norteno at the 33rd annual Tejano Music Awards. 

2014 Has been a very busy year for the Grammy Award Winner, on March 13, 2014 Salgado released his most recent Album “Nada Es Eterno which is also the first single off the album and is currently working on releasing his second single due out sometime late June early July 2014 . Not only has Michael Continued to tour the United States, he has also been hosting his own Concert events through his Corporation (Zurdo Inc.) bringing some of the most Talented Musicians to San Antonio. Salgado landed a Sponsorship with H-E-B Carnesazo Campain in 2013 and is up for a new term this year, he is very humbled and grateful for this opportunity. 

The future of Michael Salgado and his musical destination continues to be written and runs the length and width of the world delighting each and every fan along the way.


For additional information visit the official website site: www.michaelsalgado.com

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